Scripting and Tools

Shadow of the Demon Lord Enchanted Object Generator - Click here to view the code!
One of the first Python scripts I wrote was a tool for playing Shadow of the Demon Lord. This script produces descriptions of enchanted items by rolling on several charts from the game's core rulebook. The normal process takes a few minutes, whereas my script is virtually instantaneous.

To quickly test out the script, copy the code from the link above and run it through!

Shadow of the Demon Lord Book Generator - Click here to view the code!
The first Python script I wrote after teaching myself the basics of the language. Like the enchanted object generator, this quickly parses several tables to produce a procedurally-generated book that can be found as treasure in the game's dungeons. The variations of the items generated are much more diverse than the Enchanted Object Generator, however, and required some slightly trickier loops. The Enchanted Object Generator is cleaner code, but I think this script is more fun.

As always, this code can be run at